Appleton Area School District encourages our students to participate in co-curriculars at every grade level. Not only these activities a great way to connect with classmates and get involved in the community, but they also develop lifelong skills such as teamwork and time management, which are essential for future success.

Why Now?

The transition from elementary to middle and middle to high school is a big change. It’s a time when students are getting a feel for which activities suit them best. Co-curricular participation is a smart move now because it offers a variety of new options and gives young people the chance to see what fits their personalities. Middle school is the perfect chance to try a variety of clubs and activities before the fast pace of high school schedules kick in to high gear.

What’s the Value?

In middle school, it’s all about options. As this PBS article explains, the huge variety of co-curriculars is a real bonus. Getting involved in activities outside the classroom allows this age group to:

  • Try something new
  • Gain multi-tasking skills for high school
  • Further develop sportsmanship skills
  • Learn how to better manage time
  • Decide which options to pursue in high school