Submit Yearbook Photos

Submit Yearbook Photos
Posted on 12/03/2020
photographerDue to the pandemic, we are asking you to help us take pictures for the yearbook this year. You can submit YEARBOOK photos at this link: 
Please remember to take photos outside as much as possible in natural light. All photos should be school appropriate and follow all code of conduct guidelines. You can use a camera or phone to take the picture and download it to your computer to send the photos.

We would love to see photos of students:

*working virtually 
*dressed up for spirit days 
*enjoying outdoor activities
*Celebrating holiday traditions
*participating in extracurricular activities 
*practicing their musical instruments
*enjoying a new found “quarantine” hobby
*virtual workspaces
*anything else you think would be a nice addition to the yearbook ....
Thank you for helping make the yearbook memorable for our students!