Why James Madison Middle School?

Why Madison?

James Madison Middle School celebrates over 50 years of educational excellence on the south side of Appleton. The school offers a high-quality curriculum, and we encourage students to participate in the array of extracurricular opportunities. 

In the classroom, our interdisciplinary teams and encore departments provide an integrated 21st-century education focused on creativity, critical thinking/ problem-solving skills, communication, and collaboration.

2017-18 Wisconsin RtI Center Recognized School - Behavior
2016 Wisconsin RtI Center School of Distinction - Behavior


Students and staff are active in the community, joining with other groups and organizations to assist students in their transition from childhood to adulthood. Our student council involves over 100 students annually in a number of activities enhancing both the school and greater community. Our teams and encore departments facilitate a number of events and activities to enhance educational experiences beyond the classroom.

A few examples include elementary school reading buddies, school-wide world culture fair, our Reality Inc. classroom makeover and operation of the school cafe, Global Awareness Week, and language camps. 


Recipient of the WI Technology Initiative Grant providing $150,000 for the purchase of instructional technology bringing Interactive SmartBoards, document cameras, student response systems, and slates to a majority of classrooms. 


Founding school of Project Starfish which provides funds for students in need to assist in a number of opportunities to enhance the school experience.

Providing a school-wide target time

A daily enrichment/extension/intervention time. Target time is utilized to enĀ­gage students in instruction at their skill level that supports their needs and rate of learning to encourage all students to consistently be making academic growth.