Project Starfish Project Starfish

...one matters

Many families today are facing economic challenges. We don’t want that to be an obstacle for your student to get involved at school and be a fully participating student. 

Project Starfish is a confidential program that can help you pay for things like:

  • Field trips
  • Club or program fees
  • Instrument rental
  • Foreign language camp
  • Sports fees and/or necessary shoes, gear, etc.
  • Athletic events
  • School dance fees
  • Yearbooks
  • Summer School
  • Bus passes
  • School supplies (calculators, jump drives, heart-rate monitors, etc.)
  • Special apparel
  • Locker dividers & organizers
  • Hygiene/toiletry products

In return, all we ask is that you “pay it forward” with some type of volunteer service of your choosing at your school. Project Starfish forms are available in the office.

"The tide has gone out and has left a million starfish stranded on the beach. They are slowly dying under the heat of the sun. A little girl is walking along this beautiful sandy beach. As she walks along, she picks up a starfish and throws it back into the sea. She then picks another one and another, throwing each into the sea. An old man watches her for a while then walks up to her and says "What are you doing little girl? There are millions of starfish out there dying. You cannot believe that you can make a difference". The girl kneels down, picks up a starfish, throws it into the sea and says "I made a difference to that one".

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